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To remove password from PDF upload your docutment below:

Unlock PDF

Free and secure online tool to unlock pdf files.

How to unlock PDF for Free?

  • Select your protected PDF file by clicking on choose file option.
  • Enter the password for the file to help us unlock it.
  • Click on the Upload button to let the cloud unlock the pdf you selected.
  • Once your file is unlocked it will be available to download by clicking on the Download button.

Is security compromised by uploading files on this website?

Your files are fully secure and safe. Once you download the files they are automatically deleted from our servers. So you don’t have to worry about your data being stored on our servers. We are committed to online and personal privacy.

Why do you need the password PDF?

Passwords help us to unlock the pdf and convert it to an unlocked pdf. This helps us to remove the password from the file.

Can PDF unlocker be used from any device?

Our free tool to unlock pdf can be used on every device. You can use our pdf unlocker from Android, Ios, Windows, macOS, Linux and Chromebook. You just need the internet and a browser.

Is quality compromised as this is a free tool?

We are committed to quality, your files are unlocked through the password provided and no other data is modified.

Do I need to install an app to unlock the files?

You can unlock any pdf on the go on the cloud. You can access it anytime as many times you want. No need to install it on your system.

Is sign-in required to use PDF Unlocker?

No, sign-in is not required to use this tool. You are free to use this service from anywhere anonymously. Simply select a file and start unlocking as many PDFs as you want.

Why remove the password from the PDF?

Passwords have added a pdf so that only the authorised person with credentials can access the files. This adds a security level to an important document. If you are not sharing the file with anyone and will be accessing the file frequently, it is better to unlock the password for easier and faster access.
And to unlock the pdf you can use our online free and secure pdf unlocker.