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Free online tool to convert PDF to PPT.

How to convert PDF to PPT for Free?

  • Select a PDF you want to convert to a PPT file by clicking on choose files.
  • Once the file is selected click on the Upload button to start converting pdf files to ppt slides instantly.
  • Once the file is converted to PPT slides, you can click on the Download option to download the powerpoint file.

Is security compromised by uploading files on this website?

Your files are fully secure and safe. Once you download the files they are automatically deleted from our servers. So you don’t have to worry about your data been stored on our servers. We are committed to online and personal privacy.

Can the PDF to PPT converter tool be used from any device?

Our free tool to convert pdf document to PPT file can be used on every device. You can use our PDF to PPT tool from Android, Ios, Windows, macOS, Linux and Chromebook. You just need the internet and a browser.

Is quality compromised as this is a free tool?

All images in the pdf if any will remain in the same quality and resolution the pdf was uploaded as. Our pdf to ppt converter tool transforms the pdf file into a ppt slides without any drawback to the original quality.

Do I need to install an app to convert PDF files to PPT?

You can access it anytime as many times you want. No need to install it on your system. All the easy work is done online from your browser.

Is sign-in required to use PDF to PPT converter tool?

No, sign-in is not required to use this tool. You are free to use this service from anywhere anonymously. No need to leave your email or other personal info to use this tool.